Operation Integrity


The 45-Day Intensive Program provides support and guidance to help achieve abstinence from their addictive behavior and build a personal recovery experience leading to permanent sobriety and  spiritual renewal.

The components of this Program are

  • Assessment of individual for need and to determine how they would benefit from the Operation Integrity Intensive Program.
  • Development of an Initial Recovery Plan that is personalized and strategic based on the individuals’ needs and capabilities.
  • 2-3 individual meetings per week with OI approved counselor for 45 days.
  • Daily phone support with a counselor.
  • Assist individual in developing an appropriate social support network.
  • Development of a Relapse Recovery & Contingency Plan.
  • Participation in 2-3 Operation Integrity meetings per week.
  • Strategic assignments for personal reflection designed to help the individual gain insight and understanding into themselves and recognize their spiritual and relational needs and responsibilities. This also provides education on addiction and accountability by holding the individual responsible for their time management, program schedule and homework responsibilities.
  • Individual and family education on addiction and on proven recovery methods.
  • Guide individual in homework relevant to education, 12 Step process and spiritual renewal disciplines.
  • Assist individual identify and process through underlying issues or satellite concerns.
  • Assist individual identify and address other, or newly recognized addictions or destructive behaviors.
  • Re-assessment at 40 days with exit/transition plan to help individual move to next level of program which will be a longer term and less intense program.

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